Oobat | Taboo in Reverse

Are you a fan of WORD games? Do you like PARTY games?

An online game inspired by classic word games.
Choose to play cooperatively or competitively with friends.
It's like Taboo, but only in reverse.

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Step 1: Draw a Card.


Draw a card containing a "secret" word that you must play. Potential words can nearly be anything - people, places, household objects, sports terminology, slang, etc.

Step 2: Provide up to 4 Clues.


Choose your clues wisely. You are not allowed to use similarly spelled or sounding words. Everything else, however, is fair game. It's a good idea to use commonly associated words like those you would find on a standard Taboo card.

Step 3: Can you Partner guess it?


As the Guesser, you must figure out the "secret" word given the clues provided to you. Like in other social word games, you are only given a short amount of time to guess the correct answer. Scoring is based on the amount of time and clues needed to figure out a word.